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2021-01-18 19:36:17 Horcsin Tibor (irptiberiusim)
irpalleb vs irptiberiusim
# 479
We made a deal. Both of us can play 2020.01.23 at 17:00. So this date is our approved date.:)
2020-08-09 21:30:49 Marek Ptaszyński (irpnoname)
2020-08-09 21:00 irpnoname • irppurkys
# 474
I waited for the opponent for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, he did not show up. Nevertheless, I am open to proposing a different date to be played if he wants to.
2020-08-02 18:25:39 Krisztina Kamarás (irpkaktuszka)
irpchristian - irpkaktuszka
# 471
My opponent haven't show up. I offered date and time, and he haven't agre and haven't come. He contact me on FB, and refer other date and time to play. I agreed and wrote to the forum, he didn't confirm it and he didn't show up. I contacted him in FB again offering him the opportunity we can arrange a new date and time to play.
2020-08-02 18:21:58 Csaba Kamarás (irpcsaba)
irpcsaba - irpbogimp
# 470
My opponent didn't come. I have been waiting for 20 minutes. If irpbogimp will contact me, and we can agree a new date and time, we could play the game.
2020-07-30 19:11:52 Tatyana Volkova (irpdalida)
RE: Irpbeata72 - Irpdalida
# 468
I see there was misunderstanding...Csaba should said that Beata wanted to appoint another date to play instead of that she didn't come to play....
2020-07-30 16:50:25 Tatyana Volkova (irpdalida)
RE: Irpbeata72 - Irpdalida
# 467
Csaba said that beata had asked him to give me a message that she wouldn't be able to come to play games with me on that date and that time, so I didn't come. Well, as I can see now it was lie. I'm sorry that I believe to csaba.
2020-07-26 10:59:06 Jakub Roubíček (irpchristian)
irpchristian - irpzabka
# 464
My opponent irpzabka didn't come. I have been waiting for 15 minutes. If opponent will want we can match play in another date.
2020-07-25 22:40:43 Beata Vajda (irpbeata1972)
Irpbeata72 - Irpdalida
# 463
My opponent didn't come. I had been waiting for 12 minutes at July 20th.
2020-07-19 17:25:46 Iwona M (irpszept)
irppurkys vs irpszept
# 462
My opponent did not come.
2020-07-18 15:34:56 Horcsin Tibor (irptiberiusim)
Game irptiberiusim - irpdenzel
# 461
We will play tomorrow 2020-07-19 19:00.
2020-07-11 22:15:52 Marek Ptaszyński (irpnoname)
RE: irptorpe - irpnoname
# 459
It is very interesting that the date was chosen for this day. Nobody asked me if he was answering me ... and the term did not suit me.In sum. That day, my opponent could wait for an hour or more, I would not appear at that time and I was at work.
2020-07-10 18:17:31 Manó Gyenei (irptorpe)
irptorpe - irpnoname
# 456
My opponent didn't come. I had been waiting for 15 minutes.
2020-07-06 18:07:26 anatolij Смирнов (irpbarbos)
RE: irpironspine irpbarbos
# 454
Сегодня открылся нормальный вариант записи партий, ранее, так не открывалось-результат изменен
2020-07-06 17:59:20 anatolij Смирнов (irpbarbos)
RE: irpironspine irpbarbos
# 453
пусть соперник предложит свой результат, я подтвержу
2020-07-06 17:57:35 anatolij Смирнов (irpbarbos)
RE: irpironspine irpbarbos
# 452
Я писал ранее, абсолютно непонятная система занесения результата на сайте, ваыставить результат ( никакой) я не в состоянии
2020-07-06 10:03:20 Piotr Małowiejski (irpangst)
RE: irpironspine irpbarbos
# 451
I can consider another result than we can see in the statistics, nevertheless in such a situation both players need to agree for this and one of them should put such a result in a match result section and second one should approve it.

It should be obviously really specific and exceptional situation. Server or other technical breakdowns are unfortunately elements of online competitions.

Summarising, you can change the result of your match until 22:00 Warsaw today the latest, as I would like to launch new round today.

Best regards,

2020-07-05 18:19:48 Kamil Pawela (irpprotiz)
irpprotiz - irptiberiusim
# 450
Yo, Tibor didn't come.
2020-06-29 21:01:03 Zoltán László (irpzoli)
irptestif vs irpzoli
# 449
Stepan asked to postpone the match to Wednesday 9pm, which I accepted.
2020-06-23 21:23:14 Eva Orlova (irpeva)
# 448
I accidentally filled the wrong result, the correct result is irpeva-irpszept 3-1 (1-0,1-0,1-0,0-1)
2020-06-23 11:53:03 Anton Efremov (irpbogimp)
# 447
Матч не состоялся. я пытаюсь связаться с irpcrosslet (отправил ему на почту приглашение) чтобы перенести его. но пока ответа нету.
2020-06-22 18:57:34 Ferenc Rostas (irprostas)
Change date
# 446
Rostas ws ashot will play an other date .
2020-06-22 17:36:37 anatolij Смирнов (irpbarbos)
irpironspine irpbarbos
# 445
Абсолютно непонятный формат записи результата партий. Мною выставлен неправильный результат в нашей партии -случайно. Сыгран матч 3-1 в мою пользу, но результат последней партии был зафиксирован из-за обрыва связи у соперника, по партии у меня там был проигрыш. Прошу организаторов изменить результат на 2-2
2020-06-21 20:26:59 Yuriy Kraubner (irpyurius)
3ifndef - yurius
# 444
My opponent didn't come.
2020-06-18 19:13:31 Krisztina Kamarás (irpkaktuszka)
irpzabka - irpkaktuszka
# 440
My opponent didn't come. I had been waiting for 12 minutes.
2020-06-14 10:19:10 František Fňukal (irpdenzel)
Irpdenzel - irpbogimp
# 438
My opponent for this round, irpbogimp, didn't come for our match nor did he show up in additional 16 minutes, that I was waiting.
2020-06-01 08:50:49 Manó Gyenei (irptorpe)
irpzabka - irptorpe
# 434
My opponent didn't come. I had been waiting for 15 minutes.
2020-05-31 22:15:10 Beata Vajda (irpbeata1972)
Irpbeata72 - Irpchristian
# 433
I waited 30 minutes. My opponent did not come.
2020-05-31 20:46:39 Yuriy Kraubner (irpyurius)
Yurius - Purkys
# 432
My opponent didn't come.
2020-05-25 07:50:49 František Fňukal (irpdenzel)
Irpdenzel - Irpsmile
# 429
My opponent for this round, irpsmile, did not come to play at the propose and accepted date and after being offered other dates to play, she refused to play anyway.
2020-05-24 10:32:35 Żaneta Gazda (irpzabka)
irpzabka - irpsawyer
# 428
My opponent irpsawyer didn't come. I have been waiting for 20 minutes.
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